Thanks to Chris Joyce and all the great folks at Nested, our kitchen remodel was a complete success! They were very thorough in the first 3 meetings to be sure they understood exactly what we were looking for, Nested created a detailed bid and set very clear expectations of how everything would work. They were not the cheapest but were very reasonable and by far the most expert of 3 contracting companies we interviewed. I can’t say enough about the responsiveness of our Project Manager Chris Joyce. He made it easy to conduct our remodel with our golden retriever at the house while we were at work, he brought in very respectful sub-contractors and made sure our home was always clean even during major demolition. Three big calls outs:

1) The project did not go a penny over budget outside of new work I added after the project began, which Nested was gracious to adapt to. This is a testament to their detailed bid upfront.

2) The project was true to the 3 mo timeline every step of the way. They even had an app Where I could keep track daily!

3) The day after the project was done, we had a major windstorm that pushed a 100yr. old tree on top of our house and damaging the new electrical they had installed. Aside from the trauma of it all, Nested had someone out the next day to bid the repairs and someone out to actually perform the work the day after. Considering how in demand electricians are, they didn’t have to go out of their way to do this but is a perfect example of the relationship they have built with us.

RELATIONSHIP - that is the best word to describe what makes Nested one of the best companies we have worked with.